Mann Cup: No. 16 Is a Familiar Jones for New Westminster Fans

September 30, 2017
Author: TheAloeVeraQueen

Old-school New Westminster fans have seen it and yes, they are seeing it. Find out more about womens lacrosse sticks by checking out

The No. 16 jersey on the run, finishing breaks and piling up the points.

It was Randy Jones from the side. It’s Mitch Jones in the side, nowadays. As you can get, it is about.

And on Friday night, the Salmonbellies and Mitch take summer lacrosse’s stage: The Mann Cup. New West is hosting the Peterborough Lakers from the championship show that is best-of-7.

The motivation for Mitch is currently winning the title. He has not done it, although he did it with Victoria in 2015. Father Randy made 5 trips to the Mann Cup but came home empty every time.

“He would be proud,” Mitch told The Province ( ) . “He is still helping me with my game now. He would be happy for me.”


The WLA was led by Mitch in playoff scoring and played a part in New West. So as the things are put up by Mitch, it is about more than quantity. It’s style.

“I have been told that I play like my daddy more times than I could probably count,” said Mitch. “We are both left-handed, both sort of lanky. I guess that is where the comparison begins. And he is the person who taught me the way to play, so it makes sense.”

The lessons have taken well and Jones will be one of a few sticks that the Bellies are counting on to help the franchise win its original Mann Cup. New West definitely has more options than Jones, but it is going to not be a surprise to see No. 16 playing a huge part.

“I’m really comfortable with it on,” Mitch said of the No. 16 sweater.

Do the Salmonbellies.

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